Philip Thompson

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I first came across Emily O’Donnell’s work after she photographed an event where I was having a new composition premiered. When I saw Emily’s photos of the event I was particularly impressed by the ease with which she handled dramatic contrasts in light. When it was time to get new headshots for myself I decided to to give Emily a call, and I’m so glad I did!

I had a very specific background in mind, a background that required Emily to crawl through a window onto the second floor (mostly flat) roof of my home in Lawrenceville. Emily showed up, dressed very professionally and with all her gear, and without a moment’s hesitation she was out the window and onto the roof like a boss. And she shot and she shot and she shot. I typically feel awkward in front of the camera, but Emily kept me talking, helped me to relax, and in the end we were able to capture the concept I had in mind in a really artful way.

Emily is very skilled, highly professional, personally engaging, and she has an artist’s eye. You’ll never regret your decision to work with her.

Philip Thompson

Composer, producer

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