Elody Gyekis

Emily did my professional headshots a few years ago, and it was a wonderful experience. Not only is she great with the camera, but she was great at making me feel comfortable in front of it, and the shots were probably the most beautiful photos of me I’ve ever had!


Andrea & Pete Slovonic

Very happy with our engagement and wedding photos. examples of Emily’s work now dot our home’s walls. wonderful and professional photographer that produces really quality work. – Pete

Emily did my wedding/engagement pics and she was awesome! She is an awesome person and a great person to work with. – Andrea


Cris Wildman

Emily did two-year anniversary photos for my partner and I. It was a super fun day, she made us both feel very comfortable, and her work turned out wonderfully. We now have beautiful pictures to cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you!


Philip Thompson

I first came across Emily O’Donnell’s work after she photographed an event where I was having a new composition premiered. When I saw Emily’s photos of the event I was particularly impressed by the ease with which she handled dramatic contrasts in light. When it was time to get new headshots for myself I decided to to give Emily a call, and I’m so glad I did!

I had a very specific background in mind, a background that required Emily to crawl through a window onto the second floor (mostly flat) roof of my home in Lawrenceville. Emily showed up, dressed very professionally and with all her gear, and without a moment’s hesitation she was out the window and onto the roof like a boss. And she shot and she shot and she shot. I typically feel awkward in front of the camera, but Emily kept me talking, helped me to relax, and in the end we were able to capture the concept I had in mind in a really artful way.

Emily is very skilled, highly professional, personally engaging, and she has an artist’s eye. You’ll never regret your decision to work with her.

Philip Thompson

Composer, producer

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Laura Lash

“I was very happy with the business portraits I received from Emily. She quickly found a time slot that worked for both of us, was willing to shoot at a location of my choosing, and answered all of my questions promptly. Her confident style and instruction during the shoot made me feel at ease. I was very pleased with her professionalism and her product! I would definitely recommend Emily and would work with her again.”


Dorcas Alexander

We love the special portraits Emily shot for us over the past couple years. She met us at Frick Park for photos to commemorate our 10th anniversary. The autumn leaves made a spectacular backdrop! Emily also shot our daughter’s graduation photos in several fun locations around Oakland, as well as her official portrait for the high school yearbook. The photos are beautiful, and we have shared many prints with our family. I highly recommend photography by Emily.


Couple Portrait

Tara Velan

“Emily has taken numerous headshot photos for me for promotion of myself as a professional actress. She is very intuitive with people and has a great eye for angles and light. I would recommend her for any photographs you may need for personal promotion, memories, or moments that are important for you to capture. Emily is professional and has a dedication to your goals within the photos she captures.”

Tara Velan Headshot

Tara Velan Headshot

Hadley Pratt

“Emily is a remarkably talented photographer, photo editor, writer, and editor. She effectively and skillfully juggles simultaneous responsibilities to produce quality work. I worked with her on the University of Pittsburgh’s Original Magazine where she was the Head Visual Editor, Head Photo Editor, staff writer, and Managing Editor, and she has been an integral part of magazine operations during her years involved.”

Deseree Kuzel for The Original

Deseree Kuzel for The Original

Benjamin Saalbach-Walsh

“I love the photos Emily took. Excellent style!”


Scott Minter

“I have had the pleasure of working with Emily for approximately three years. She is a very competent, creative young lady. Her unique photographic vision is outstanding. It has been a privilege to witness her creative growth as a freelance artist.”

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