TRAF Blog Post: Squonk Opera’s ‘Pneumatica’

Originally posted at For over twenty years, Squonk Opera has been entertaining Pittsburgh with their eccentric blend of music and performance art. This year Squonk returns to the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival with their new show titled ‘Pneumatica.’ Lady Pneumatica will loom large above the crowd at Point State Park from June 13–15. … Continue reading TRAF Blog Post: Squonk Opera’s ‘Pneumatica’


A year ago I wrote an essay for a class. The essay was a response to the book  Blue Nights by Joan Didion. A meditation on memory and how relationships shape memory and how memory shapes our relationships. The essay was about my best friends, written shortly after I discovered some frightening news about their … Continue reading Eulogy

Poetry: Erasure

* Ground to the sun Real relations work And forms this living                                 Effect of these synchronies   I’m opening up to you Alone at the sentencing Not ours With value you can live on time In the hedge I am in love Tonight we’re self-grounded in-dependent circuit Spans of life can be traded (Emily O’Donnell … Continue reading Poetry: Erasure

Poetry: Ouroboros

Pulse racing the heart to the end – –Of a line that has no beginning It turns back on me as I chase Raindrops back to heaven Soil into earth.   We bury ourselves in mist Unable to see through the veil Over eyes blind with vision.   It keeps us going Faster until until … Continue reading Poetry: Ouroboros

Essay: Fugues

Emily O’Donnell Fugues 2012   Fugue 1+2 * A fugue is a harmony of many voices, in music it speaks in a symphony. In psychology it speaks in discord, it speaks in silence, the forgetting of voices that are beloved. The forgetting of our own voice. The musical fugue speaks to us with eloquence; the … Continue reading Essay: Fugues