No Ban/No Wall Rally and March

Another week of injustice, another rally to document. I’m just out here trying put human faces to a struggle. Immigrants and refugees deserve respect, they deserve rights, and they deserve to be here as much as anyone.

These photos are from the No Ban/No Wall Rally and March in Oakland on Saturday. We marched from Schenley Plaza to Carnegie Mellon University.

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Reproductive Rights Rally

Now more than ever, I feel a drive to get out and document the movement that is happening in this country in resistance to the new government regime and the regressive policies they are trying to put into place. On Saturday, I attended the Women’s March in downtown Pittsburgh. On Sunday, I attended the Reproductive Rights Rally at Pitt on the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Here are some images of the strong women and people of all gender/orientation that attended, standing up for their rights.


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Pittsburgh Women’s March


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Pitt Protest / Peace March

Like so many others, I am still reeling from the results of last week’s election. Like so many others, I have been living with fear, anxiety, and a deep sorrow about what the future will bring. I have been trying to find ways to cope. I have come to the realization that I cannot be silent any longer, but it is still hard to find the right words to speak out, to express these feelings, to reach others. So I am trying to be proactive, productive, progressive. In the end, all I can do is document this struggle we are now faced with. I can give exposure to those who need it. I can let my photos speak for themselves.

Last night I attended a protest at my alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh. I was not there in an official capacity, I went out to document the event and march in solidarity with others who feel the same way I do. So, because this is all I can do right now. Here are some images from last night’s peace march from Oakland the South Side.


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