I always encourage couples to do engagement sessions with their potential wedding photographer. It is a great way for couples to get comfortable being in front of the camera. It is also invaluable for me as a photographer to learn the best angles of a couple, the way people move and behave, what their funny faces look like, and also get a general sense of the vibes.

For Tim and Camille we wanted to strike a balance between natural candids and posed photos. We walked a fine line between romantic and goofy, because that is a big part of their respective personalities and relationship. For these engagement photos we wanted to take a lifestyle approach where Tim and Camille could have fun and be themselves, without worrying too much about posing or doing anything that felt too unnatural.

Moving ahead this year with photography, I am trying to keep this approach in mind. To act natural, be real, be yourself, and let your personality shine.

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