Persephone is the Goddess of interstitial spaces—between life and death, Autumn and Spring. She descends and ascends in a continual cycle of spiritual death and rebirth. Persephone was the perpetual Maiden, whom all the Gods fought over in the bright starry heavens, until she ate the seeds of the forbidden fruit, and Hades stole her away to the Underworld. Persephone falls in love with her own dark spaces but always finds herself returning to the sun’s light in Spring. She is the Queen of the Underworld who is also a Goddess of the Earth; she embodies the dark mysteries of the soul.

I have been working on this Goddess photo project for many years, so it is slow to come to fruition. In many ways, it is my life’s work. To show the many faces of the Goddess as I know her. I see her in the face of my friends, particularly my friend Laura who not only modeled for this shoot, but also did her own hair/makeup and wardrobe. She is truly the best collaborator I could have had on this project, and I’m so happy that together we were able to create the magic of Persephone, as she passes through the interstitial spaces to all of you, on this dark Samhain eve. 2018.

Blessed Be.



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