Last summer I embarked on an ambitious photo project to photograph real women that I know as representations of the goddess. My friend Tara was an amazing collaborator on this first shoot that we did last summer, as an aspect of the goddess Oshun.

Oshun is a goddess of rivers, love, water, fertility, purity, and sensuality. She is a goddess with many names and faces, both light and shadow. She is a sun goddess, who glows golden on the green of nature as she nourishes it with her sweet waters.

In my studies on various pagan religions, I was not very familiar with Yoruba or the Orishas, but this project gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, and deepen my appreciation for African culture and mythology. I am honored to depict the beauty and power of this ancient and powerful goddess as she manifests in extraordinary black femmes that I know.

Special thanks to Jamilah for the amazing henna work.

Photoshop brushes by Obsidian Dawn.



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