Like so many others, I am still reeling from the results of last week’s election. Like so many others, I have been living with fear, anxiety, and a deep sorrow about what the future will bring. I have been trying to find ways to cope. I have come to the realization that I cannot be silent any longer, but it is still hard to find the right words to speak out, to express these feelings, to reach others. So I am trying to be proactive, productive, progressive. In the end, all I can do is document this struggle we are now faced with. I can give exposure to those who need it. I can let my photos speak for themselves.

Last night I attended a protest at my alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh. I was not there in an official capacity, I went out to document the event and march in solidarity with others who feel the same way I do. So, because this is all I can do right now. Here are some images from last night’s peace march from Oakland the South Side.


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